Cannabis for Heart Health — What You Need to Know

It comes as no surprise that many people still believe that using cannabis for heart health only causes problems. People are only beginning to understand cannabis for heart health, after all.

However, is there any truth to the claim that cannabis for heart health shouldn’t be practiced? Should people with heart issues avoid even the idea of using cannabis for heart health medication?

Truth be told, using cannabis for heart health can seem scary at first. This is because not everyone would be willing to use a controversial medicinal plant to regulate their heart health or heart issues.

However, you shouldn’t cross cannabis for the heart health of your medical list just yet. In fact, after reading this blog post, you might end up highlighting cannabis for heart health instead.

Despite the controversy that cannabis for heart health attracts, cannabis is still a medicinal plant. So, contrary to popular belief, using cannabis for heart health does have benefits.

Still skeptical? That’s natural.

So, in order to ease your worries, I’ve covered in this blog what you need to know about using cannabis for heart health.

Using Cannabis for Heart Health

It can be hard to imagine using cannabis for heart health for some people.

After all, cannabis for heart health (or any other use) doesn’t exactly have a pristine image.

However, there are actually several studies that support a connection between cannabis use and heart health. This is why using cannabis for heart health has become an important topic.

For example, one study involved studying the heart vessel disease risk of both users and non-users. In that study, they found that users had a lower risk of developing heart vessel disease.

Another study revolved around heart attack patients. After excluding alcohol, cocaine or methamphetamine users, they found that cannabis for heart health users also had lower rates of irregular heart rate and mortality.

Therefore, using cannabis for heart health is beginning to look promising.

But how does using cannabis for heart health even work?

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Effects

Firstly, what does using cannabis for heart health do?

Well, using cannabis for heart health can actually lead to an elevated heart rate.

Cannabinoids, which are natural compounds found in the cannabis plant, are responsible for the increase in heart rate. And don’t worry—these compounds aren’t entirely foreign to our systems.

Similar compounds called endocannabinoids can actually be naturally found in the body. When talking about using cannabis for heart health, the primary cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

With that in mind, experts say THC is responsible for the increased heart rate. THC expands the blood vessels in your body.

This expansion then causes the heart to pump faster in order to adjust to the sudden change in pressure. This is also especially helpful for people with high blood pressure because it can lower their blood pressure.

This effect can last for up to three hours. Therefore, it doesn’t last long enough to pose risks to your health.

Cannabis for Heart Health Failure

While it has been discussed that you can use cannabis for heart health to regulate heart rate, doing so can also assist during heart failure.

Firstly, you should understand that heart failure happens when the heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood to the body.

A common heart failure complication is called Atrial Fibrillation, which causes an irregular heartbeat.

Experts have actually discovered that Atrial Fibrillation can be reduced when patients are given a dose of cannabis for heart health.

Studies even suggest that blood pressure can be reduced during heart failure when cannabinoid receptors are activated.

At the same time, studies also suggest that cannabis for heart health users have a lower chance of dying because of heart failure.

Treating Heart Issues with Cannabis

Now, if you’ve made up your mind and decided to use cannabis for heart health issues, you should first know how to properly treat yourself.

Using cannabis for cardiovascular health issues can definitely be beneficial, but patients should always proceed with caution.

Firstly, certain symptoms can also be relieved with the help of cannabis for heart health.

So, you should first familiarize yourself with what will be affected when you use cannabis for heart health.

Certain cannabis medicines can help relieve stress and anxiety for patients suffering from Coronary Artery Disease.

Using cannabis can also help manage symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease such as Angina.

The CBD in cannabis can also help prevent heart attacks. This is because CBD can decrease vascular tension and reduce diabetes-related inflammation.

Cannabis for heart health can also hinder the development of Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease by reducing inflammation.

It can even help relieve patients suffering from nausea, headaches, and mood symptoms.

Proper Cannabis for Heart Health Dosing

As I’ve mentioned before, users should always be cautious of anything they take as medication. So, patients and doctors should observe proper dosing when using cannabis for heart health.

You should be wary because the improper dosage can lead to bad side effects that can worsen heart rate or blood pressure. Remember, THC can increase heart rates.

So to avoid complications, patients can choose to use strains with lower THC and higher CBD content. This can help you better manage your heart rate with THC.

Luckily, these strains are readily available in most dispensaries. This is because many users prefer cannabis products with higher CBD content to limit THC’s psychoactive effects.

On the other hand, if you’re a first-time cannabis user, micro-dosing can also help your body adjust to cannabis.

This can also be a way to help you avoid consuming too much medical cannabis in a short period.

Above all else, you should consult a doctor before deciding how to use cannabis for heart health. This can help you avoid adverse reactions as well as overdose.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis for Heart Health

So, has using cannabis for heart health found a place on your list of medicines to try? Or will you consider learning more about using cannabis for heart health?

If so, then you should always remember that studies have shown that using cannabis for heart health does have beneficial value.

Whether you want to regulate your heart rate or medicate because of heart issues, you can consider using cannabis for heart health.

However, you should first research about how you should medicate yourself with cannabis. Knowing the right dosage for your medication can greatly affect your medication results.

So, if you think you may have heart issues and want to play it safe, it’s advised to see a doctor. Not only can they help you figure out the ideal dosage for cannabis, but they can also help you figure out if it’s actually a good idea for your situation.

You do have to find a doctor familiar with the use of cannabis as a natural medicament, though. Luckily, the doctors at AccuDoc Urgent Care are able to diagnose and help with medical and natural remedies.

Our doctors are also able to help you get your medical marijuana card. So, if you want to start using cannabis for heart health, it’s advised to book an appointment with our doctors.

MD: Want to use cannabis for heart health? I’ll cover the benefits of cannabis for heart health, the studies were done on it, and what to do before trying it yourself.

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