An Informative Guide to Medical Marijuana Candy

Are you here because you’ve just heard of medical marijuana candy and want to know more about it?

Nowadays, marijuana or also known as cannabis is gradually building a reputation as a highly effective natural analgesic. In fact, many health professionals now advocate its use in medical settings.

That said, there are still those who doubt the use of marijuana as medicine. They question if any of its forms can be truly beneficial to pain sufferers and other medical conditions.

Marijuana candy, in particular, tends to receive a lot of skepticism. It’s just one of the forms in which the herb is supplied to people for medical purposes.

But perhaps because of its formulation — as something we associate with “snacking” — critics tend to look at it as a genuine medical solution.

Luckily, the benefits of marijuana candy are significant enough that proponents are slowly overcoming doubters’ critiques. If you’re curious about this candy yourself, you can learn more about it in this article.

Here, we’ll talk about the benefits, risks, and proper dosage of marijuana candy.

What Is Medical Marijuana Candy?

Before I start talking about what marijuana candy can do, let’s first define what marijuana candy or edibles are.

Marijuana candy is a type of marijuana edible, similar to pot brownies, gummies, and other marijuana-infused food.

Marijuana candy includes several weed candy variants such as these:

Chocolates or caramels.
Hard or popping candies and lollipops.
Flavored Popcorn.
Dried fruit.
Fruit leather.

Almost any type of candy treat out there can be made to include marijuana as an ingredient. When that happens, it is called a marijuana edible.

The amount of marijuana in any piece of candy is dependent on the manufacturer and manufacturing process, of course. In general, the average weed candy can contain up to 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) a piece.

10 milligrams of those substances is typically enough to get the average adult to feel their effects. This is why ingesting weed candy can be a substitute for smoking the herb.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Candy

Now, a popular belief that many people have is that anything that has marijuana in it will make you “high”. However, this is not true.

For instance, despite having cannabis as an ingredient, marijuana candy doesn’t always get you “high”.

That’s because different marijuana candies have different concentrations of the active components of marijuana.

To be exact, the candies can have different amounts of the cannabinoids cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Some even have only one of these and not the other.

Marijuana candy that only contains CBD actually doesn’t give you a “high” feeling. Other than that, raw, un-aged, and uncooked cannabis also isn’t always psychoactive.

Marijuana candy that contains THC can get you “high”, though. Fortunately, patients can always choose candies with specific ratios of CBD and THC to meet their preferences.

This tells you that it’s actually possible to get the health benefits of marijuana candy without getting “high”.

Raw cannabis also contains certain vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Some of its beneficial components are the following:

Vitamin K.
Vitamin C.

Marijuana candy also has high amounts of antioxidants that can protect the body from stress and diseases.

For most users, however, the main use of marijuana candy is to provide pain relief and help those with medical conditions such as Cancer, MS, and more. In fact, many of them prefer edibles to the smoked variety of cannabis because of the longevity of its effects.

This is because the effects of smoking marijuana can last up to two hours, on average. On the other hand, ingesting medical marijuana candy can cause the effects to last up to six hours.

That’s a significant difference in the duration of pain relief provided.

Marijuana candy has also been clinically proven to reduce nausea and increase appetite. However, these effects will only take place around 90 minutes after consumption.

Risks of Medical Marijuana Candy

While marijuana candy does have a lot of benefits, it isn’t safe from risks—just like other marijuana products.

Firstly, marijuana candy isn’t always easy to find or purchase. That’s because marijuana candies aren’t regulated by the FDA in certain states.

Because of this, most marijuana purchases are done through the Internet. Unfortunately, that opens the door to another set of difficulties for people seeking candy.

Online purchases always pose a risk for buyers. This is mostly because online purchases always come with the risk of a buyer running into bad products or scams.

The excess sugar, calories, and fat in weed candy can also cause or exacerbate other problems such as diabetes or heart disease if taken without moderation. This then defeats the goal of using marijuana candy to improve your health.

Lastly, marijuana candy often costs more than cannabis that is meant to be smoked. This is because of the additional labor and materials used to create it.

Taking the Right Dose of Medical Marijuana Candy

Now that you’ve read about the benefits and risks that come with ingesting marijuana candy, you can decide if you want to medicate this way. However, patients should still keep in mind that smoking marijuana is far different from taking weed candy.

Now, a surefire way to ruin your experience with weed candy is taking too much, especially during your first time. Remember, weed candy isn’t like normal candy that you can pop in your mouth continuously without caution.

Usually, a seasoned user can take up to 80 to 150 milligrams with ease. However, it is advised that marijuana candy beginners should start far lower than that.

Commonly, it’s better to start with around 5 milligrams and gradually increase your dosage from there. Think of this as taking baby steps to let your body get used to your dosage.

You should also remember to not immediately take an extra dosage just because you can’t feel the effects right away. This is because it will usually take around 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effects of marijuana candy to kick in.

You shouldn’t worry if you’ve underdosed, either. This is because you can still gradually work your way up until you reach your sweet spot, one step at a time.

Just remember that it’s better to have underdosed than to overdose. In the event that you do overdose, there are still ways to save your marijuana candy experience.

What to Do If You Take Too Much Medical Marijuana Candy

If you do take too much marijuana candy in one serving, you will most likely initially feel like panicking. However, keep in mind that it is almost impossible to actually overdose (in a clinical sense) on weed candy.

The experience that comes with taking too much, however, will feel uncomfortable. So you should remember to stay calm even if your weed candy overdose is too uncomfortable. It’s always good to remember that this uncomfortable experience will eventually pass.

While you wait it out, you should also start rehydrating with a lot of fluids. This is because marijuana candy can cause cotton-mouth.

However, you should avoid using alcohol to hydrate yourself. Water will be your best friend during situations like this.

It is also important to note that hydrating doesn’t have profound effects on neutralizing the effects of taking too much weed candy. What it does is ensure you don’t dry out and help you relieve the discomfort of cotton-mouth.

A bath or a shower can also help you feel better until the effects wear off.

Final Thoughts on Medical Marijuana Candy

By now, you should be more informed and knowledgeable about marijuana candy. This blog should have also helped debunk some of the negative myths about marijuana candy, such as the belief that it always gets you “high”.

Marijuana candy can have a lot of health benefits. Not only can it supply pain relief, but it also comes with antioxidants and some useful nutrients for the body.

However, patients should always keep in mind that the weed candy option still poses risks. For example, they need to be careful about where they purchase their marijuana candy and from whom. They need to be sure that the candy they’re buying is actually made with marijuana and not adulterated with questionable substances.

It’s also very important to remember that patients should gradually build up to the dosage that they can handle. In light of this, patients should always know what to do in the event of a weed candy overdose. As we noted before, that includes keeping calm and staying hydrated until the moment passes.

Now that you have a better understanding of weed candy, you may want to know if you can use it yourself for medical purposes. If so, seek the advice of a professional first. Luckily, AccuDoc Urgent Care can help you out if you want to see if marijuana candy is for you. At Accudoc we can give an assessment to see if you qualify for your Medical Card.

If you do, we’ll give you a recommendation so that you can get your own medical marijuana card to use at marijuana dispensaries.

MD: Looking to find out more about marijuana candy? I’ll show you what marijuana candy is, its benefits and drawbacks, and how to use it for medical purposes.

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